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LED Moving Head Light 30W

The Moving Head Light 30W DJ Lights is a versatile stage lighting fixture designed for various events and performances. It features a powerful 30-watt LED light source that delivers vibrant and dynamic lighting effects. The light comes with 8 interchangeable gobo patterns and 15 different colors, allowing you to create a wide range of visually captivating effects.

This light is equipped with DMX and sound-activated control, giving you the flexibility to synchronize the lighting with your music or program it to respond to sound cues. It can be easily controlled and programmed using a DMX controller or operated in standalone mode for hassle-free operation.

designed for various events and performances

Ideal for disco parties, weddings, churches, live shows, KTVs, and clubs, this moving head light offers a compact and portable design, making it easy to set up and transport. With its adjustable pan and tilt angles, you can precisely direct the light beams to create stunning lighting displays and highlight specific areas of the stage or dance floor.

Overall, the Moving Head Light 30W DJ Lights is a reliable and feature-packed lighting fixture that adds excitement and energy to any event or performance, making it a popular choice among DJs, lighting designers, and event organizers.